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Covid vaccine

Covid Vaccine- How close are we?

Covid Vaccine: Why did the need arise? In December 2019, reports flocked out of central city in Wuhan, China that a new coronavirus is causing a cluster of pneumonia cases in the city. On March 11, 2020, WHO declared the coronavirus as a pandemic and

ASCO Webinar Summary: Pancreatic Cancer-II

Pharmacokinetically-guided 5-FU dose optimization within the preoperative folfoxiri regimen in resectable pancreatic cancer patients  (Link to full article)  Author, Company : Anna Vilalta, University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain and others Abstract Number: 4636 Indications : resectable pancreatic cancer (PC) Interventions : 5-FU, folfoxiri Background and objectives: Patients having

ASCO Webinar Summary: Pancreatic Cancer

Liposomal irinotecan plus fluorouracil/leucovorin versus folfirinox as the second-line chemotherapy for patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer (Link for full article)  Author, Company : Hongjae Chon, MD, Korean Cancer Study Group (KCSG) Abstract Number: 4624 Indications : Metastatic pancreatic cancer (mPC) Interventions : Liposomal irinotecan plus fluorouracil/leucovorin, folfirinox Background

ASCO Webinar Summary: Breast Cancer

KEYNOTE-355: A Randomized, double-blind, phase III study of pembrolizumab plus chemotherapy vs. placebo plus chemotherapy for previously untreated locally recurrent inoperable or metastatic triple-negative breast cancer ( Author, Company: Javier Cortes, MD, PhD Abstract Number: 1000 Indications: Triple Negative Breast Cancer Interventions: Pembrolizumab plus chemotherapy Background and objectives:

ASCO Goes Virtual 2020

American Society of Clinical Oncology(ASCO)is an organization which represents around 45,000 physicians of all oncology sub-specialities. It was founded in the year 1964. ASCO works extensively towards conquering cancer through its educational programmes, in-depth research, and patient care of utmost quality. ASCO organises an annual

Impact of COVID-19 on Clinical Trials

The world is in the grip of Covid-19, a WHO declared pandemic, with ever rising number of patients and no cure in near sight. In terms of casualties, both lives lost and those in need of critical care, and potential impacts on socioeconomics, the global

How soon we will have an answer to COVID-19?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected more than ~2.0Mn people worldwide and killed at least 134,733. (As of 16th April 2020). As the number of COVID-19 confirmed cases continue to surge, healthcare workers have started coming up with medical treatments which could counter the worldwide spread of

Impact of COVID-19 outbreak on mental health of HCPs

Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) are at the forefront of the COVID-19 battle. As the rest of us take measures to maintain social distancing or even go into a lockdown, numerous HCPs across the globe are doing the opposite. Everyday they head out to treat and care

Convalescent plasma: A promising old therapeutic approach

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), an acute respiratory disease whose outbreak has been declared a pandemic, infected more than 1.2 million people worldwide, killed 69,498 and 2,65,883 were recovered (as of Apr 6, 2020).1 Any approved vaccines or therapies for COVID-19? As of now, there are

Technology Trends in Today’s Pharma World

Technology Trends in the Pharma Industry With today’s growing arena of technologies like AI, Big Data and AWS, there has been a great shift in the way the technologies are evolving. The trends have changed. The way we look at some of the niche technical

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