Need to evaluate

market landscape and competitive threat analysis

Need help in data mining,

big data analysis or

integrating multiple data sets to generate insights

Need to evaluate the potential of a market (new / existing)

Need to track and report performance

Need an enterprise-wide technology system to manage budgeting and long-term strategic planning

Evaluate business development and licensing opportunity and financial analysis



Data Analytics

Helping you sieve through multiple diverse datasets and generate crisp reports

Are these your

Business Needs?

P2S 2oolset:

Our approach to find Solutions for your business Problems



Our forecasting legacy spans over a decade. Many of the team members are seasoned forecasters by experience


Experience across geographical markets, multiple therapy areas and stages of product life cycle


Our team has the optimum blend of clinical and business acumen thereby ensuring a comprehensive assessment

Market Assessments

A comprehensive analysis of the myriad of forces affecting markets enabling you with a 360-degree view of the entire market landscape



Assessment experience spreads across therapy areas, geographic areas, products or even devices and services

Technology-driven Reporting

Let our experts assist you in creating the story behind your data using cutting-edge tools like Tableau, QlikSense, Power BI and others